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BioSport Contact Lenses NEW!

BioSport Contacts

Many professional athletes wear sport tint lenses to enhance their visual performance. The use of sport tint lenses is growing; especially among golfers, baseball players and the new Sun Tac for runners. All BioSport tints are available in full iris tint and pupil only tints. Both options in all colors can be seen below

Blueblocks blue light and “brightens” yellow light. Good for tennis, football and daytime baseball.

Sun Tac (brown) Reduces overall brightness while preserving 100% normal color recognition such as with sunglasses. Great for light sensitive patients and runners.

Gray Green sun protection and improved contrast sensitivity. Ideal for golfers in that it helps them to differentiate distance on the golf course.

Green mildly heightens contrast while preserving color balance. Good for bright outdoor light.

Red blocks blue light to heighten contrast sensitivity and visual acuity. Recommended for baseball, softball, football (daytime), water sports and skiing.

Yellow heightens contrast in overcast, hazy, low-light conditions outdoors or for indoor sports under fluorescent light. Filters blue light for sharper focus. Most effective for nighttime football and baseball, night driving, hunting and shooting.

Check out an article on Buffalo Bills' Mario Williams wearing the red contacts!

Give us a call today to be fitted with your custom BioSport lenses. Available in Sphere and Toric prescriptions. 225-769-6010

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