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When Emily started vision therapy, she struggled a lot in school and lacked confidence in many areas, both inside and outside of school. We knew she was a capable student because of how she would answer questions or analyze particular things on an auditory level, but her ability wasn't translating to her school work. Now, 11 months later, we have discovered a dramatic change in Emily. School work became easier, her grades improved, and her confidence soared. Our once struggling student was even recommended for her school's gifted program. Emily, through vision therapy, has been given a life-long gift. She will now be able to tackle any subject in school or more easily read any book assigned. As a parent, l'm so very grateful for our experience at Advanced Eye Center. Both Dr. Jong and Rachel did an amazing job! Rachel, our therapist, was always professional, respectful, and fully equipped to help Emily achieve her goals. We are so grateful for her own ability and knowledge as a therapist. Thank you so much for serving our family and our daughter so well. 

Ronda (Emily's mom)
December 27, 2016

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  • "I highly recommend this business for their specialty services, care, professionalism and promptness. If you have any learning problems, dyslexia or anything of the sort, try Dr. Jong and her team to check your eyes. My niece was falling a lot but had 20/20 vision; Dr. Jong and her team figured out her problem and she no longer falls. My daughter was having problems with math. Dr. Jong and her team figured out why and her math scores went up. I had problems reading Latin and it's due to a form of dyslexia. Specialty glasses help fix that problem as well. Dr. Jong has a lot to offer the community and I highly recommend her. This is my first online review ever!!"
  • "Dr. Jong and her skilled, experienced staff always give friendly and personal attention to this patient. My eyes have been in her care since 1985 and its has been very good care. I believe the Center has all the latest examination and diagnostic equipment. My annual visit with Dr. Jong and her staff is a great confidence builder."
    -Stephen S.
  • "The most caring people you will ever meet. It is an awesome feeling to have someone who understands what your child is struggling with and actually has a solution to your problem. I recommend anyone that has a child with a learning disorder to schedule an evaluation. You will be amazed!"
    -Casey D.
  • "It's been years since my last exam. Dr. Jong was friendly, informative and thorough throughout the exam. The staff at Advanced Eye Center were polite and caring. There was no waiting time and I was out of the office with a new prescription within 30 minutes of arriving."
    -Sara G.

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