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First I want to start by stating that I don’t normally write reviews but I decided to make an exception on this one.  My son Noah has struggled since a very young age with school even though he had always struck me as an intelligent little boy.  His vocabulary amazed me.  He would hear a word and ask us what it meant and after we would explain it to him became part of his regular vocabulary.   That’s why I had a very difficult time believing that my son wouldn’t or couldn’t be a great learner.  I would try to help Noah study for tests but I couldn’t understand a word he had written down,  but he could read it to me.  He was the only one that could understood what he wrote down.   He would make an F on everything he would turn in for a grade because his teachers couldn’t read a word  he would write down.  Finally one of his teachers tested him orally and Noah passed the test with an “Outstanding A+”.   This caused us to have him tested for dyslexia.  It was determined that this was the culprit.  Well, this lasted for a short while because not every teacher would take the time to orally test Noah.   The teachers began calling me and telling me that he was being disruptive.   I had several teachers tell me that he “NEEDED” to be tested for ADHD.  I disagreed with every one of them.  I refused to put my son on medication. Well, I regret to say that one day I gave in and took him to his doctor.  Hesitantly, I put him on Vyvanse.  I hated seeing Noah going off to school looking like he was walking in a fog.  His grades improved a little but only for a short while.  My breaking point was when Noah had a friend sleepover and his friend noticed that Noah was “different at home then he was at school”.  You see, I didn’t give Noah his medication on the weekends.  I was only giving it to him to go to school. His 10 year old friend told me that “Noah walked around like a zombie at school and that he liked Noah much better like he was at home”.   WOW!!!

That was the last time Noah took Vyvanse and the calls from school started up again.  Desperate, I took Noah back to his doctor to discuss our options.  That is when Dr. Theriot told me about Dr. Jong and vision therapy.  I called Dr. Jong and set up an appt.  From the moment we walked into her office in Baton Rouge, I felt like it was going to be a positive thing for Noah.  The staff is amazing and Dr. Jong and Noah bonded over their love for LSU.  We began treatment with Sarah in the Lafayette office.  Noah and Sarah hit it off immediately.   I would drive to Lafayette once a week with Noah to spend an hour with Sarah and then we would leave with our weekly “homework.”  We began seeing improvement after only a short while.   Dr. Jong found a few different things that Noah needed help with.  Noah and Sarah worked on improving these things each week.   Every checkup Noah had with Dr. Jong showed tremendous improvement.   All of this took place while Noah was in the 7th  and  8th grade.  When Noah began high school he mentioned to me that he wanted to take AP Honors classes.  Although I was proud of him for wanting to tackle these classes, I was also afraid for him.  Noah had a lot of “catching up” to do and I wasn’t completely sure he would be able to keep up with the rest of the students.  I was worried that this may discourage him and he would fall further behind.

Well I am excited to say that not only has Noah “caught up” with his classmates but he has kept up and even surpassed some of them.  A few minutes ago, I received a phone call from his AP Algebra I teacher.    At our first PTC, I expressed my concerns about Noah and discussed his past with her (as I have done with all of his teachers since he was diagnosed and began Vision therapy).  His teacher called to let me know that I may no longer need to worry about Noah “catching up”.   She fully believes he has “caught up”, not only did he pass all of his AP classes this year but he finished with the 5th highest grade in her class.  Needless to say, I am tearing up while writing this letter.  I am soooo proud of my son and all of his hard work.  Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for Dr. Jong, Sarah and Camille.  If anyone has any doubts about this working for their son or daughter, take it from me.  IT WORKS!!!!!

Thank you again for giving my son a chance to be successful and being the person he was meant to be. 

- Sheri (Noah's mom)
May 21, 2014 

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  • "I highly recommend this business for their specialty services, care, professionalism and promptness. If you have any learning problems, dyslexia or anything of the sort, try Dr. Jong and her team to check your eyes. My niece was falling a lot but had 20/20 vision; Dr. Jong and her team figured out her problem and she no longer falls. My daughter was having problems with math. Dr. Jong and her team figured out why and her math scores went up. I had problems reading Latin and it's due to a form of dyslexia. Specialty glasses help fix that problem as well. Dr. Jong has a lot to offer the community and I highly recommend her. This is my first online review ever!!"
  • "Dr. Jong and her skilled, experienced staff always give friendly and personal attention to this patient. My eyes have been in her care since 1985 and its has been very good care. I believe the Center has all the latest examination and diagnostic equipment. My annual visit with Dr. Jong and her staff is a great confidence builder."
    -Stephen S.
  • "The most caring people you will ever meet. It is an awesome feeling to have someone who understands what your child is struggling with and actually has a solution to your problem. I recommend anyone that has a child with a learning disorder to schedule an evaluation. You will be amazed!"
    -Casey D.
  • "It's been years since my last exam. Dr. Jong was friendly, informative and thorough throughout the exam. The staff at Advanced Eye Center were polite and caring. There was no waiting time and I was out of the office with a new prescription within 30 minutes of arriving."
    -Sara G.

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