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Best Optometrist In The Baton Rouge Area


I have been seeing Dr. Jong and staff for quite some time and never had a bad experience. Dr. Jong and staff have always been helpful and professional. I have recommend family and friends to her to let them know in my opinion, she is the best optometrist in the Baton Rouge area. I will continue recommend individuals to her. Keep up the good work Dr. Jong and staff!

- Jefferson J. - Google Review

They have given us solutions that we never knew existed!


I have known since Luke was 3 years old that something was different about him. He has always extremely intelligent, but when it comes to letter recognition and reading, he really struggles. Dyslexia has always been on my radar. I have 2 brothers that are dyslexic and watched my mom fight for them for years. So, when his Pre-k 4 teacher suggested I have him evaluated, I was not surprised. She also told me about this eye clinic that specialize in eye disorders. Fast forward to 1st grade, after pushing on my part he was diagnosed as dyslexic and ADHD. We saw his pediatrician and worked with the school system to get an IEP in place. At this point we basically thought that medication and extra accommodations were our only options. And then I remembered this eye clinic. We had him evaluated in August and found out he has 3 different eye muscle disorders (which is commonly misdiagnosed as dyslexia). We started vision therapy 7 days a week (6 days at home and 1 day in the clinic). He will do a total of 40 weeks of vision therapy. We are 18 weeks in, and this kid is MOVING MOUNTAINS!! He went from <5 yo reading level to 7 yo reading level in 5 months!! Parents, if you have a child that is struggling academically, I HIGHLY suggest you have them evaluated at this clinic. They have given us solutions that we never knew existed.

- Amy

I can’t say enough good things about Advanced Eye Center.


After having a concussion in Dec 2016, I had a lot of issues with balance, riding in a car, reading for any length of time, using a computer, etc. Dr Jong and her staff did a lot of tests, and came up with a plan to help me. Two years later, I can drive my car for short distances, I can ride in a car for an hour to an hour and a half. My balance is a lot better. While therapy helped, the prism glasses with tint that Dr Jong prescribed have pretty much been a miracle for me. They have made a significant improvement in my balance. The tint and prisms have improved my ability to read without overtaxing me neurologically and making me sleep after an hour. They cut down on the visual noise and have even helped my short term memory which was affected by my concussion. I can't say enough good things about Advanced Eye Center.

- Brenda

The results of eye therapy were more than I could have ever dreamed of…


I have to say, before my daughter started vision therapy at Advanced Eye Center, I was a little skeptical. She was in 4th grade and not a night would go by that homework would be completed without tears...from both of us. As an educator myself who specializes in dyslexia, I knew that she was having visual processing issues but according to educational evaluations by both doctors and school, she was fine. I couldn't and wouldn't accept that. After hearing about Advanced Eye Center from colleagues and students who had been through the program, I finally decided to look into it. At that point, she was at her lowest and I was willing to try anything before she shut down completely. She was having trouble transferring information from the board to paper, long term memory was non existent, processing was delayed, and reading was below grade level. We began therapy in October and finished in June. The results of eye therapy were more than I could have ever dreamed of...and this is coming from a skeptic. She went from below 1% in saccades (rapid eye movement) to the 95th% in 8 months. I didn't even know she had this issue before starting vision therapy. When her visualization was assessed at age 8, she scored equivalent to a 5 year old. When she finished the program she scored equivalent to a 16 year old!!! Needless to say, I am a huge advocate of eye therapy and recommend it to any student that I have that could benefit from it. It's definitely a commitment for both student and parent, but in the end, it's totally worth it. My daughter is now making Ala and B's without tears and frustration. She finally LOVES going to school and finally feels "smart". I credit this to Dr. Jong, Mrs. Rachel and all of the Advanced Eye Center Team.

- Tricia

We are incredibly thankful, grateful, and blessed…



Prior to eye therapy, my son had difficulty catching a ball, balancing, reading, drawing, and writing. Now, he can do all of these things well. He would get lost in a game. Now, he is able to perform to match his ability. While we don't understand when or how this started, he has shown marked improvement. We hope his progress continues. His handwriting and drawing have followed his success and progress with eye therapy as well. This progress was not achieved in attending therapy once a week but in combination with daily efforts. We are incredible, thankful, grateful, and blessed to have had this intervention. Tabitha and Dr. Jung are doing amazing things for these children, their future, and their families.

Thank you!

She truly has made improvement in all areas…


Molly Bourque testimonial page 0001

When we started vision therapy with Molly almost a year ago, she was really struggling with almost every aspect of school. Since she is homeschooled and had been in glasses since a year old, I was able to recognize the struggle fairly quickly. She struggled to read, and write or copy. The school was frustrating for us both! A friend recommended Dr. Jung to us and we quickly made an appointment. We saw her for several months until Molly could be evaluated at age 5. Once she was evaluated, we started therapy to correct the issues she was having. The 4 hours round trip each week along with the financial burden was not easy, but we knew that Molly needed the help and we had faith that proceeding with therapy is what we needed to do. Seeing the progress our girl has made once starting therapy 10 months ago, we would do it all over again. She is now reading above grade level. She has beautiful cursive handwriting. Most importantly, she enjoys school. She no longer cries or complains to do her work. She actually enjoys coloring and other activities that require a sustained visual effort. Her eyes no longer cross and she doesn't complain about seeing double.

She truly has made improvements in all areas from academics, to attitude and behavior. It is truly amazing when I reflect back in where she was a year ago and when she is today. Dr. Jung, our therapist, Tahita, and the rest of the staff at Advanced Eye Center have been nothing short of phenomenal!

- Mollie's mom