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Body Awareness

Body Awareness - Self Portraits before and after Vision Therapy

Before starting a Vision Therapy program with our office, we ask each patient to complete a Body Awareness Assessment. We ask the person to “draw a picture of what you think you look like”. No other guidelines or suggestions are given. Once the patient has completed therapy, we have them draw the picture again.

The Body Awareness Assessment is a simple but effective way to observe several things:

  • Does the person know how their body is put together?
    • Do the arms come out of the middle of the body instead of the shoulders? Are all the details of the face included? Is there a neck between the head and torso?
  • How are the person’s spatial skills?
    • Are the parts of the body drawn to scale? Is the drawing placed in the lower corner of the paper or centered on the page?
  • How is the person’s self-esteem and emotions reflected in the picture?
    • Is the picture drawn very small or withdrawn? Is there a happy expression on the face? Does the person’s self-perception match reality?

It’s incredible to see the before-and-after Body Awareness Assessments we receive from patients after completing a Vision Therapy Program. Because we know vision doesn’t just mean the eyes. Vision isn’t just about seeing clearly and having 20/20 eyesight.

Vision affects the WHOLE person – the eyes, body and brain. Our Body Awareness Assessment gives a glimpse into how a patient’s entire outlook can change just from improving their visual system. These pictures show a clear transformation in how a person views and feels about their self before and after participating in Vision Therapy.

Check out some of these before-and-after pictures to see just how much Vision Therapy has a positive impact in the lives and perspectives of our Vison Therapy graduates.

Before Vision Therapy on the Left. After on the Right.

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vt ba pic 1b
vt ba pic 2a
vt ba pic 2b
vt ba pic 3a
vt ba pic 3b
vt ba pic 4a
vt ba pic 4b
vt ba pic 5a
vt ba pic 5b
vt ba pic 6a
vt ba pic 6b
vt ba pic 7a
vt ba pic 7b
vt ba pic 8a
vt ba pic 8b
vt ba pic 9a
vt ba pic 9b