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She truly has made improvement in all areas…

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When we started vision therapy with Molly almost a year ago, she was really struggling with almost every aspect of school. Since she is homeschooled and had been in glasses since a year old, I was able to recognize the struggle fairly quickly. She struggled to read, and write or copy. The school was frustrating for us both! A friend recommended Dr. Jung to us and we quickly made an appointment. We saw her for several months until Molly could be evaluated at age 5. Once she was evaluated, we started therapy to correct the issues she was having. The 4 hours round trip each week along with the financial burden was not easy, but we knew that Molly needed the help and we had faith that proceeding with therapy is what we needed to do. Seeing the progress our girl has made once starting therapy 10 months ago, we would do it all over again. She is now reading above grade level. She has beautiful cursive handwriting. Most importantly, she enjoys school. She no longer cries or complains to do her work. She actually enjoys coloring and other activities that require a sustained visual effort. Her eyes no longer cross and she doesn't complain about seeing double.

She truly has made improvements in all areas from academics, to attitude and behavior. It is truly amazing when I reflect back in where she was a year ago and when she is today. Dr. Jung, our therapist, Tahita, and the rest of the staff at Advanced Eye Center have been nothing short of phenomenal!

- Mollie's mom