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I have to say, before my daughter started vision therapy at Advanced Eye Center, I was a little skeptical. She was in 4th grade and not a night would go by that homework would be completed without tears...from both of us. As an educator myself who specializes in dyslexia, I knew that she was having visual processing issues but according to educational evaluations by both doctors and school, she was fine. I couldn't and wouldn't accept that. After hearing about Advanced Eye Center from colleagues and students who had been through the program, I finally decided to look into it. At that point, she was at her lowest and I was willing to try anything before she shut down completely. She was having trouble transferring information from the board to paper, long term memory was non existent, processing was delayed, and reading was below grade level. We began therapy in October and finished in June. The results of eye therapy were more than I could have ever dreamed of...and this is coming from a skeptic. She went from below 1% in saccades (rapid eye movement) to the 95th% in 8 months. I didn't even know she had this issue before starting vision therapy. When her visualization was assessed at age 8, she scored equivalent to a 5 year old. When she finished the program she scored equivalent to a 16 year old!!! Needless to say, I am a huge advocate of eye therapy and recommend it to any student that I have that could benefit from it. It's definitely a commitment for both student and parent, but in the end, it's totally worth it. My daughter is now making Ala and B's without tears and frustration. She finally LOVES going to school and finally feels "smart". I credit this to Dr. Jong, Mrs. Rachel and all of the Advanced Eye Center Team.

- Tricia