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They have given us solutions that we never knew existed!

I have known since Luke was 3 years old that something was different about him. He has always extremely intelligent, but when it comes to letter recognition and reading, he really struggles. Dyslexia has always been on my radar. I have 2 brothers that are dyslexic and watched my mom fight for them for years. So, when his Pre-k 4 teacher suggested I have him evaluated, I was not surprised. She also told me about this eye clinic that specialize in eye disorders. Fast forward to 1st grade, after pushing on my part he was diagnosed as dyslexic and ADHD. We saw his pediatrician and worked with the school system to get an IEP in place. At this point we basically thought that medication and extra accommodations were our only options. And then I remembered this eye clinic. We had him evaluated in August and found out he has 3 different eye muscle disorders (which is commonly misdiagnosed as dyslexia). We started vision therapy 7 days a week (6 days at home and 1 day in the clinic). He will do a total of 40 weeks of vision therapy. We are 18 weeks in, and this kid is MOVING MOUNTAINS!! He went from <5 yo reading level to 7 yo reading level in 5 months!! Parents, if you have a child that is struggling academically, I HIGHLY suggest you have them evaluated at this clinic. They have given us solutions that we never knew existed.

- Amy